Oil Pulling

Brilliantcoco oil pulling together with tongue cleaning is the first and very important step in proper tooth cleaning. It is rinsing the mouth with virgin coconut oil, which is enriched with mint extract.

The main benefit of coconut oil is an antibacterial effect. We have more than 600 different types of bacteria in our mouths. Many of them are necessary for a healthy microflora, but most of them can cause us great health problems.


How it works?

Bacteria are single-celled organisms enclosed by a lipid membrane. These bacteria are therefore attracted to the lipid structure of coconut oil. The bacteria stick to the fat molecules of the oil and you then spit out the oil with the bacteria.

This way you will get rid not only of harmful bacteria, but also of odors and dental plaque. Teeth naturally go through a cleansing process and whiten naturally. In addition, you strengthen the gums and the overall immune system.

Advantages of Brilliantcoco oil pulling

Brushes and white teeth

Removes tooth plaque and odor

Promotes oral health

Reduces excessive sensitivity of teeth

Promotes healthy gums

Strengthens the voice

Supports healthy cavities

Strengthens the immune system